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November 30, 2021

Raymond Burr

Raymond Burr

Art by Erik Weems

Dean Stockwell has died

1936 – 2021

First role, age 9, Valley of Decision (1945) and final role NCIS: New Orleans TV show (2014)


Dean Stockwell dies age 85Deadline Hollywood

"Cult film" actor who refused to fit inUK Guardian

Star of Dune, Quantum Leap and Blue Velvet New York Post

Ten roles of Dean Stockwell to rememberNewsweek MSN

Five things to know about Dean Stockwell Hollywood Life

Stockwell dies peacefully at Hollywood homeMSN Yahoo News

Dean Stockwell listed 204 roles over career IMDB filmography

The Indestructible Man - 1956

Indestructible Man with Lon Chaney Jr

San Quentin prison executes Lon Chaney Jr., but only temporarily as he is brought back to life (accidentally) and proceeds to hunt down the criminal pals that sold him out.

More Indestructible Man 1957

Cyclotrode X – 1966

Cyclotrode X 1966 The Crimson Ghost

With a death-head mask a crime boss plans to steal and then use the "cyclotrode X" to terrorize the world using blackmail to stop, allow or cause atomic warfare.

More Cyclotrode X 1966

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