Classic Movie Resources

Byrd Theater

The 1928 Film Theater in Richmond Virginia, Carytown

New Beverly Theater

Historic Beverly Cinema - Hollywood theater in downtown Hollywood

Mount Pony Theater

The Mount Pony Culpeper Virginia Movie Theater is where an archive of classic cinema is kept near Washington DC at a re-used nuclear attack bomb shelter from the Cold War years. The theater picks up from the Mary Pickford Theater that was at the Library of Congress in downtown Washington DC.

Internet Resources on Old Movies

The internet is a calvacade of images and written material on 'old' movies. Some of the locations I know about are:

Doc Macro a repository of classic film stills, promo materials, even MP3s. A deep archive of photography and more.

Greenbriar Picture Show - John McElwee talks about films both old and new, and does it in an engaging style with a plethora of stills, newspaper ads, and all sort of interesting detritus about the films and movie stars he praises, kids, and ponders. And, if you want someone to kick the gas out of a new, big modern film, he seems to do it with panache.

David Paris Vintage Stars – A lot of actresses and their glamour shots

Silent Film Stars Tumblr – Tumblr account concentrated on silent era actors

FrockFlick – Discussions of movie costuming - often includes classic film

The Astounding B Monster – Emphasis on B-monster movies with a great deal of good, singular content. Site stopped updating in 2006 but remains usable.

Sources for Classic Film on disc:

Twilight Time

TCM online store

Shout Factory

Warner Archive

Olive Films

Eureka Video

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