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James Dean

Classic Movie studio photographers

Article at the Criterion web site on the portrait art of photographers like Ruth Harriet Louise, Ernest Bachrach, Clarence Sinclair Bull, George Hurrell, Cecil Beaton and Laszlo Willinger.

This illustrated article is devoted to how portrait photography in Hollywood developed and how the various stars reacted to the process, with an emphasis on Garbo and Joan Crawford, with particular attention given to Crawford's plastic surgery movie of 1941 A Woman's Face, an odd meditation on ugliness and beauty.

Shooting Stars By Imogen Sara Smith, Criterion web site

Doris Day - 1922 - 2019

Doris Day

Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff (aka Doris Day) was born April 3, 1922 - died May 13, 2019.

Her name change was due to Barney Rapp, an orchestra leader employing Doris Kappelhoff in 1939, who said 'Kappelhoff' was too long for the theatre marquee, and as part of Doris' repertoire was the song "Day After Day," at his suggestion, Doris Kappelhoff became Doris Day.

Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Born February 11, 1909 - Died February 5, 1993

Jodeph Mankiewicz was a long time Hollywood veteran who started in the silent era and whose last film was directing the 1972 Sleuth. His official credits for scriptwriting include 69 films, but as a producer (23 credits) he often provided the script, uncredited. His 22 credits for directing began with the 1946 film Dragonwyck.


Dorothy Lamour by Weems

Marie Windsor

Marie Windsor - 1919 - 2000


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