Allison Hayes

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Allison Hayes

Born March 6, 1930 as Mary Jane Hayes in Charleston, West Virginia

Died La Jolla, San Diego, California February 27, 1977 (aged 46 years, from leukemia)

Allison Hayes figures prominently in B-movies of the 1950s, especially famous for her lead role in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, a film that has been referenced many times in other film and media.* Hayes is probably best known for her film roles, but she had a wide-ranging career in television. Altogether, she has 62 acting credits in her career which lasted from 1954 to 1967, and often appeared in multiple roles on popular series (such as Perry Mason and Bat Masterson.)

Related: The Washington Post has a brief multi-page comic strip bio of Allison which concentrates on her research into the illness which finally killed her, showing that her personal work investigating lead content in calcium supplements, a product she had been using, was instrumental in her ailments, and that her work contributed to the FDA government agency eventually banning lead content.

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ALlison Hayes

Attack of the 50 Ft Woman

Allison Hayes

Allison Hayes


Hayes' role as Nancy Archer, a wronged-woman seeking a looming-over-everyone revenge was parodied in some detail in the Dreamworks animated film Monsters vs Aliens, with Reese Witherspoon voicing the role of Ginormica, a woman who becomes enormous from an encounter with a meteor.


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