Back from Eternity, 1956

Anita Ekberg & Robert Ryan

Back from Eternity, released Sept 7, 1956. Starring Anita Ekberg, Robert Ryan, Rod Steiger and Phyllis Kirk. Directed by John Farrow.

This remake of Five Came Back has the airplane passengers crashing into a South American jungle that appears empty of human habitation, that is, until the survivors discover a nearby cannibal tribe. The urgency to repair their airplane becomes rather heightened, as you might guess, at this bit of news, and the tension between the passengers begins to rise precipitously.

They're soon running out of time when they hear the tribesman beginning to play war drums, and as Rod Steiger (as the very learned prisoner Vasquel, who was in the process of being transported by police to his eventual execution for murder) warns, everything will be okay until the cannibals stop playing their drums.

Through ingenuity and desperation, the plane's crew and passengers put their plane back together, but then they realize that in order to take off, the weakened airplane will only be able to carry the weight of five passengers from among the surviving band of nine. So the question becomes, who will stay to face the cannibal tribe, and who will escape?

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