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Blood of the Vampire - 1958

Blood of the Vampire

Blood of the Vampire is a surprisingly well-done Hammer film that is only about vampires in the sense that Donald Wolfit (as prison warden Callistratus) uses forced transfusions from his inmates to feed his body which is in a constant biological war with itself due to mixed blood types.

More Blood of the Vampire 1958

Buster Keaton

The Great Stone Face

Peter Bogdanovich has made a documentary about Keaton - story at UK Guardian

As coronavirus shuts down movie theatres, Hollywood rushing to put their 2020 films into video-on-demand

Story at USA Today

Buster Keaton - Cameraman

Criterion releasing HD of Buster Keaton The Cameraman

Page at Criterion on The Cameraman

Directed by Edward Sedgwick, 1928

The HD disk releases June 16, 2020

Here's the disk extras:

  1. New 4K digital restoration
  2. New score by composer Timothy Brock
  3. Audio commentary from 2004 featuring Glenn Mitchell, author of A–Z of Silent Film Comedy: An Illustrated Companion
  4. Spite Marriage (1929), Buster Keaton’s next feature for MGM following The Cameraman, in a new 2K restoration, with a 2004 commentary by film historians John Bengtson and Jeffrey Vance
  5. Time Travelers, a new documentary by Daniel Raim featuring interviews with Bengtson and film historian Marc Wanamaker
  6. So Funny It Hurt: Buster Keaton & MGM, a 2004 documentary by film historians Kevin Brownlow and Christopher Bird
  7. New interview with James L. Neibaur, author of The Fall of Buster Keaton: His Films for MGM, Educational Pictures, and Columbia
  8. PLUS: An essay by film critic Imogen Sara Smith

Kurt Russell


New Dracula film coming from Universal

Making a Dracula movie is something that seems to happen every few years, but when Universal takes up the challenge, that's a little different. They've got to measure up against their original from 1931 with Bela.

Story at Hollywood Reporter and at Movie Web

This story at Gamespot puts it succinctly: "New Dracula Movie In The Works After Success Of The Invisible Man."

The new Universal version of the H.G.Wells' was made for $7 million dollars, but has so far pulled in $106,619,685 worldwide (March 13, 2020).

Song of the South - forever stalled as a Disney release to streaming, broadcast, video, you name it

Story at The Grape Vine

The challenge of the VHS tape has now morphed into the challenge of streaming

More about past and future movie delivery platforms

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