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Evelyn Prentice - 1934

Evelyn Prentice - Released Nov 9, 1934. Directed William K. Howard

This films isn't a comedy pairing for the frequently co-starring Powell and Loy, but a heavy melodrama about marital distrust, blackmail and murder. Una Merkel, Rosalind Russell, and Isabel Jewell also appear. More Evelyn Prentice

The Freshman - 1990

Written and Directed by Andrew Bergman, released July 27, 1990

Matthew Broderick and Marlon Brando parody The Godfather and classic comedy films in which a naive but well intentioned young man rises to success, except Clark Kellogg (Broderick) is succeeding in the one place he doesn't want to, within "importer" Sabatini's (Brando) mob family.

More The Freshman

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Dietrich and Von Sternberg

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Chester Morris - Pursuit - 1935

Pursuit - Released August 9, 1935. Directed by Edwin Marin.

More Pursuit 1935

Joan Blondell

Identity Theft: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Released February 5, 1956. Directed by Don Siegel, based on the story Sleep No More by Jack Finney.

Kevin McCarthy (as Dr. Bennell) begins to suspect something is amiss in Mira Vista, California, and when he determines it is an alien invasion, he wonders how to stop it since he can't simply go looking for tentacled creatures or giant monsters, because the aliens are right in front of him, exact copies of the people he has been seeing all of his life, duplicates that have taken over their lives, doing the things they used to do with an unemotional efficiency.

More about Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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Cry Danger - 1951

Cry Danger - Released February 21, 1951. Directed by Robert Parrish

Jean Porter is a pickpocket who specilaizes in helping handicapped ex-marine Delong (Richard Erdman) get drunk so that she can steal his disability pay. Delong provided a fake alibi for Rocky (Dick Powell) that gets him out of prison where he was sent on an armed robbery sentence. Delong is hoping that the now freed Rocky might share a little bit of the loot that was presumably hidden away, but Rocky is determined to use his unexpected freedom for one thing only: find out who framed him.

More Cry Danger 1951

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AMAZON: King of Jazz 1930 - The Criterion Collection - Blu-ray

- New 4K digital restoration by Universal Pictures, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack
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- New introduction by Giddins
- New interview with musician and pianist Michael Feinstein
- Four new video essays by authors and archivists James Layton and David Pierce on the development and making of KING OF JAZZ
- Deleted scenes and alternate opening-title sequence
- ALL AMERICANS, a 1929 short film featuring a version of the 'Melting Pot' number that was restaged for the finale of King of Jazz
- I KNOW EVERYBODY AND EVERYBODY'S RACKET, a 1933 short film featuring Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra
- Two Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons from 1930, featuring music and animation from KING OF JAZZ

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