Wings on Bluray

Trying to stay alive flying World War I aircraft.

The restoration work on this 1927 film (first winner of a "Best Picture" Academy Award) is very well done, and the updated musical score, along with sound effects, makes an exceptional presentation, particularly considering the terrible shape most films from this era are in (if not actually "lost"). Picture clarity is very good, and many nice touches with stereo sound augment the story onscreen. (I've not seen this film before, only read about it in various film histories, so I have no previous impressions to compare this Blu-ray release to.)

The aerial sequences are the central element in this story of two airmen from the United States thrust into the cauldron of World War 1, and a secondary plot featuring Clara Bow as a love interest crops in and out between the flying. A young Gary Cooper has a few memorable minutes onscreen as a veteran flyer. The stunt work is amazing, with the airplanes moving almost like kites, performing incredibly tight turns, falls and rolls. There are many innovative camera-angles (apparently many of these planes had cameras strapped to them) and once we get into the air, there are many surprises and unexpected sights.

Generally, the packaging of this silent production is getting very positive reviews (for example, see though I've seen a number of complaints about the color tinting and a few other minor color touches to the film. There are few extra features and a Gaylord Carter organ score on the disc.

Available from as Blu ray and DVD for approx $20

Clara Bow Wings BluRay

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