Sweet Smell of Success - 1957

Sweet Smell of Success - Released July 4, 1957. Directed by Alexander Mackendrick

Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis) is a rat, an unethical freelance publicity agent that alternatingly seems slimy or sycophantically ingratiating depending on whether he thinks you can do anything for him or if you're just a waste of his time, like Rita, a poor cocktail waitress Sidney has "gotten into trouble" (Rita is played by Barbara Nichols).

Falco thinks he knows how things work in New York City, and he thinks he's only doing what has to be done to succeed, but he's up against a monstrous figure of an amoral magnitude worse (Burt Lancaster as powerful newspaper columnist J. J. Hunsecker), and as Sidney wheedles his way deeper into what he thinks are Hunsecker's generous good graces, he is steadily getting so far in over his head in a bizarre jealousy triangle between Hunsecker, his sister (!) and a well-meaning but naive jazz guitarist (Martin Milner) that there's no place for Falco to go but down.

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