The Count of Monte Cristo - 1934

Donat Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo - released September 7, 1934 - Directed by Rowland V. Lee

Robert Donat as the self-created 'Count of Monte Cristo.' He concocts an elaborate ruse taking place over decades to entrap and revenge himself upon a group of wealthy men who framed him for a crime he did not commit when he was a young sailor named Edmond Dantes.

After spending years in a dungeon prison and hearing of his beautiful fiancée (Elissa Landi) pushed into a marriage with one of the men who entrapped him, the sailor becomes the fabulously wealthy Count (using the hidden wealth of an elderly prison mate who takes Dantes under his wing) he then joins the social class of his hated enemies and begins destroying the men one by one.

Starring Miss Barbara Stanwyck [Illustrated with 310 Photographs] -

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