Fay Wray

Born Vina Fay Wray on Sept 15, 1907 - died Aug 8, 2004. She was born in Alberta, Canada, and became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1933. She was married to screenwriter Robert Riskin, the man who scripted the majority of Frank Capra's popular 1930 movies.

The famed 'screamer' from the original King Kong of 1933. Her acting career spanned 57 years, beginning with several silent films and ending with Gideon's Trumpet, a 1980 TV Movie which also starred Henry Fonda and Jose Ferrer.

Wray was offered the role of Rose Calvert for James Cameron's 1997 Titanic, but she declined. Peter Jackson wanted her for a cameo role in his 2004 remake of King Kong. She also turned down that role.

With a long career that stretched from silent films through the 'golden age' of Hollywood, and then through the first decades of American TV, Fay Wray is best known the world over for her role as the star screamer in the 1933 King Kong.

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