Devil Girl From Mars - 1954

Devil Girl From Mars

Nyah comes from Mars and she is collecting men for her home planet. They had a devastating gender war there and though the women triumphed, they're now facing extinction if Nyah (Patricia Laffan) doesn't succeed in her earth mission. She lands her space craft in Scotland and goes to the local inn to look for a volunteer.

This British production differs from stateside sci-fi by a giving a lot of attention to an omnibus of characters at the inn and their various problems. The story is based on a radio production and it shows in the heavy dependence on dialogue and the lack of action, but special effects are first rate when it comes to the flying saucer and to suiting up Nyah in a black outfit that perfectly matches her attitude of arrogant superiority. Like Klaatu in The Day the Earth Stood Still, Nyah is accompanied by a robot enforcer to help make her demands seem undeniable, but her companion Chani, though a very imposing large 15 foot hulk, actually looks a bit goofy and moves very slowly, which is the problem with most of Devil Girl from Mars.

Chani the Robot

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