Braveheart - 1995

Braveheart - Released May 24, 1995. Directed by Mel Gibson

Tough times in late 12th century Scotland when William Wallace (Mel Gibson) is forced into taking up the sword against the brutal occupation force of the conquering English army led by King Edward I "Longshanks" (Patrick McGoohan).

Epic telling of the Scottish revolt is filled with political maneuvering within the Scottish leadership, and almost Monty Pythonish behaviour of some of the English (Director Gibson has fun lampooning the English royal house), and then there's a couple of love stories running through the middle of the tale, everything filmed with an emphasis on green fields and woods, and the stony insides of castles.

One of the finest elements of Braveheart is the side story of Robert the Bruce (Angus MacFadyen) coming to maturity and having to understand, and chose, between the ethics of leadership and the survival instincts of his family.

Gibson's movie (from the script by Randall Wallace) keeps to the main elements of some of the best epic movies of the Hollywood past in which, inbetween the heroic battling, plotting and victory, are the consequences to actions, which is why, like El Cid, our main character will not make it out of the movie alive.

Filmed on location in Scotland and Ireland.

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