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Behind the scenes at Double Wedding

It was during the making of Double Wedding that Jean Harlow died (she was nearing the end of shooting on the film Saratoga, in which she and Clark Gable were the stars). On the last day that she shot any film for Saratoga, Harlow collapsed, and was sent home by car. She stopped first at the sound stage where William Powell and Myrna Loy were working on Double Wedding, and Powell was so upset by her appearance that it began the building frenzy of trying to find adequate medical help to diagnose her condition (which was done incorrectly several times) and then to forestall her death, which happened quickly with the spreading infection in her body from kidney failure.

Powell was released by M-G-M from work on Double Wedding while the funeral process for Harlow was underway, the studio intending to continue shooting with Loy for scenes that didn't need Powell, but Loy was too upset about Harlow's death and didn't report for work either.

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