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Bus Stop - 1956

Bus Stop Marilyn Monroe 1956

Bus Stop - Released Aug 21, 1956. Directed by Joshua Logan

Man's Favorite Sport - 1964

Paula Prentiss - Mans Favorite Sport

Man's Favorite Sport - Released January 29, 1964. Directed by Howard Hawks

I want this movie to be better than it is. Director (and producer)

It's Bringing Up Babyplus Libeled Lady in Howard Hawks comedy centerpiece with Rock Hudson as a legendary fishing expert who has never actually held a pole, and Paula Prentiss as the marketing expert at a California anglers tournament who is determined to help him compete.

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Rock Hudson - 1964

Mary Pickford - Oscar Winner 1930

Best Actress 1930: Mary Pickford

Lifeboat - 1944

Lifeboat 1944 - Hitchcock

Lifeboat - Released January 28, 1944. Directed by Hitchcock

Lifeboat 1944William BendixHitchcock Lifeboat 1944Lifeboat 1944

Elizabeth Taylor

Raintree County Elizabeth Taylor



Sophia Loren

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich

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