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Zorba the Greek - 1964

Anthony Quinn - Zorba The Greek

Zorba the Greek - Released Dec 17, 1964. Directed by Michael Cacoyannis

More - Alan Bates and Anthony Quinn are on Crete, with Irene Papas

Zorba the GreekOld Ladies Watching - Zorba the Greek

Army of Darkness - 1992

Bruce CampbellArmy of Darkness

Army of Darkness - Released February 19, 1993. Directed by Sam Raimi

Bruce Campbell is a time-traveling discount store clerk who must assist King Arthur in a battle against the "deadites" who are the Army of Darkness of the title. Stunt work, special effects and funny quips moves the simple plot forward as Bruce (as Ash) must locate a magical book (the Necronomicon) that will return him to the modern age, but he accidentally does the procedure incorrectly (he's supposed to say 'Klaatu Barada Nikto," a key line from the film The Day the Earth Stood Still, but Ash fails to remember it correctly) and so unleashes the dead from the earth which then march on Arthur's castle.

Army of Darkness - Elizabeth DavidtzKing ArthurArmy of DarknessBruce CapbellKing Arthur - Army of DarknessIan Abercrombie - Army of Darkness1992Army of Darkness

Kay Francis

Kay Francis

Sharon Tate 1967

Sharon Tate 1967

On the set of Valley of the Dolls

I Walk Alone - 1948

Kirk Douglas I Walk Alone - 1948

I Walk Alone - Released January 16, 1948. Directed by Byron Haskin

I Walk Alone 1948I Walk Alone 1948

Heller in Pink Tights - 1960

Anthony QUinn

Heller in Pink Tights - Released March 1, 1960. Directed by George Cukor

Sophia Loren - Heller in Pink Tights 1960

Janet Leigh

Janet Leigh

More Janet Leigh

Captain Kidd - 1945

Captain Kidd 1945

Captain Kidd - Released Nov 22, 1945. Directed by Rowland V Lee

Randolph Scott - Captain KiddCaptain Kidd 1945Captain Kidd 1945Captain Kidd 1945Captain Kidd 1945

Frankenstein Island - 1981

Frankenstein IslandKatherine Victor

Frankenstein Island - Released November 27, 1981. Directed by Jerry Warren

A legendary bad film full of incoherent low-budget invention and influences from many older movies - More Frankenstein Island

John Carradine - Frankenstein IslandMachine Gun Frankenstein IslandFrankenstein Island


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