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A Girl in Black - 1956

Girl in BlackElle Lambetti

A Girl in Black - Released 1956 (Cannes Film Festival) 1956. Directed by Mihalis Kakogiannis

Marina (played by Elle Lambetti) has a host of troubles on her island home of Hydra: her mother is disgraced from being caught with her illicit lover, her brother is immature and generally useless, and her sister has committed suicide. Practically unable to leave her home without being insulted and made of fun of by the young people she grew up with, she is in a prison that doesn't have bars. But a visiting couple from Athens awakens a hope for more.

Girl in BLack - Elle LambettiGirl in BLack - Elle Lambetti

Sally Eiller

Sally Eiller

Chester Morris - Pursuit - 1935

Pursuit 1935

Pursuit - Released August 9, 1935. Directed by Edwin Marin.

More Pursuit 1935

Pursuit 1935

The Raven - 1935

The Raven 1935 - Bela Lugosi

The Raven - Released July 8, 1935. Directed by Lew Landers (aka Louis Friedlander)

Dr. Richard Vollin is a medical genius obsessed with tragic American poet Edgar Allan Poe. Vollin has got it in his head that it's his job to exact revenge for Poe, and Poe's enemies (in Vollin's crazed mental state) just happen to be the people trying to keep Vollin from his new infatuation, Jean Thatcher (played by Irene Ware).

The Raven 1935The Raven 1935The Raven 1935Irene Ware - The Raven 1935The Raven 1935The Raven 1935The Raven 1935The Raven 1935The Raven 1935The Raven 1935

Jane Russell

Jane Russell photo - Paleface 1948 film

The Paleface, 1948

More Jane Russell

Also see Son of Paleface 1952

Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake


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